Exporting Grades From BLEND to TEAMS – Teacher Hack

Today’s Contributor: Allen Hubbard

Allen is a Physics teacher and the STEM Academy Coordinator at Akins High School.  He has a wonderful wife and two kids who had to suffer through the production of this video.

Hello everyone!

I have made a medium length video (9 minutes) explaining how to import your grades from BLEND into TEAMS.  I would say this is a difficulty level 3 of 10 on the “I’m not good at computers” scale.

Here are some reasons why I think this is useful:

  1. You can utilize the quiz tool in BLEND, have it auto-grade assignments and not have to type them into TEAMS one by one.
  2. You can utilize speedgrader in BLEND to grade things like google docs or pictures of notes quickly, and not have to put all of those grades into TEAMS one by one.
  3. It can really speed up grading if you have a lot of the same types of classes completing the same assessments.
    1. You can make one or two big files with all of your students’ grades and IDs in it and then upload it to all of your classes quickly!
  4. It will also work with things like ZipGrade and Flubaroo just by copying and pasting the IDs and Grades into a CSV.

I hope this was helpful – please share it with anyone you think would benefit!



  1. Thanks for sharing, we have a few teachers here who had a difficult time with this very thing. I’ll let them know!

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