ClassroomScreen: A Teacher’s BFF

Today’s Contributor: Holly Kofod

Holly Kofod is a graduate of Mc Murry University, Abilene, Texas and the OAKE endorsed Kodály Certification Program of AISD/Texas State University, formerly Southwest Texas State University. She is a contributing author to Promising Practices: Prekindergarten Music Education, edited by Barbara Andress, published by MENC. She was acknowledged by the authors, Micheál Houlahan and Philip Tacka, for her contributions regarding assessments in Kodály Today: A Cognitive Approach to Elementary Music Education published by Oxford University Press.

She has presented workshops on music in early childhood education as well as technology; including working as the technology trainer for the LEEKS (Literacy Education Employing Kodály Strategies) program, a federally funded grant program awarded to Houston I.S.D. She is a member of OAKE, KET, TMEA, TCEA, and ISTE. She served as the ITRC, and now as the CIC, Campus Innovation Coach at Wooten Elementary in Austin, Texas, as the music specialist for 31 years, she teaches elementary music, K-5 and afterschool technology classes.

By this time of year, many teacher’s toolkits are bursting at the seams! However, it’s really hard to resist a useful tool to provide structure for students and help organize classrooms. Here’s one that you could use tomorrow: Classroom Screen! It’s free! It’s simple! It’s useful! No matter what you teach, I’m pretty sure you will find a use for this!

What is it??? Classroom screen is a one-stop-shop website with useful widgets you can use while teaching or while students are working.

What can you do with the widgets? The list is practically endless!!

  • Drag and drop the icons to change backgrounds
  • Pick a random name
  • Choose a work symbol to show preferred noise level
  • Generate a QR code for children to scan
  • Draw in-screen or full-screen
  • Type your instructions in the textbox such as for bell work
  • Use the traffic light to indicate progress or set noise levels
  • Set a timer or show a clock
  • Use a calculator
  • And more….

Want to see it in action? Check out this short YouTube video.

Don’t you think you could use this tool?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas for ways to incorporate this into daily practice/instruction! I, too, use this tool, and it was great to hear about/learn of different ways to utilize it!

  2. I am excited to share this next year. We just received our new presentation equipment and this tool is a game changer.

  3. I LOVE classroom screen too! I try to keep it running in a tab so my random-name generator doesn’t reset (never fun to re-enter that info when you need to use it). Have you ever encountered trouble with classroom screen freezing up for several minutes when going back to it after a while?

  4. Thank you so much for this great resource! I loved it so much that I introduced it my campus and now we have several teachers that swear by it. Thanks again.

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