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Today’s Contributor: Aragorn Eissler

He is the Digital Music Teacher at Kealing Middle School 

I create lessons extensively using Google Slides, Google Drawings, videoing myself to create tutorials, and importing downloaded images from slides/drawings into my videos. I use Screenflow to record my computer demonstrations, which allows me to record my voice as well as the internal sounds.

All my lessons are original. I’m figuring out the best way to convey (briefly) the topic and then get the students actively practicing. I use BLEND to give instructions with many links to items I have created.

We have figured out how to submit files in BLEND for students to turn in their assignments and also how to upload/download files for them to work on. These steps require extra procedures to save and collect the files we use in our Digital Audio workstation program, Ableton Live. Here are some examples of instructional images I create in Google slides. I first use an image of the Ableton Push controller. Then I superimpose colored rectangles and circles, numbers, and arrows. Finally, I describe the concept which I want the students to understand.


Here are some examples of videos I have created. Doing this is especially helpful for music class if I need to edit/mute a bad word, so I don’t lose my job. 😉


Calvin Harris Feels

Taylor Swift Delicate

Bass from Chords


I love creating these lessons! It combines my love of music with a childhood passion for making videos. Plus I get to be creative and figure out how best to convey the concepts. There is a lot more going on in my class, in terms of how I curate lessons from the internet, seeking to find items of interest for my middle school audience, but perhaps that is better left for the next blog post.

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