Using BLEND For Re-Teach and Tutorials

Today’s Contributor: Travis Horne

Travis is a Social Studies teacher at CIC at Bedichek Middle School.

ACTION REQUIRED! The posting of our 1st 6 Weeks grades is upon us! Posting grades no later than 2:00pm on Monday, October 1st!

It is a message that most teachers can immediately recognize. Grades are due! To our students, this also can be a concerning time. In Middle School, our students are not nearly as on top of their grades as their parents (or teachers) would prefer. I am deluged at the last minute with multiple requests to complete assignments, retake quizzes, turn in projects, or come for last-minute tutorials before the end of the grading period. BLEND has turned this normally frantic, sometimes chaotic time period into one of organization.

This year, I have incorporated BLEND into every lesson that I teach. Each of my lessons is contained in a BLEND module, has a class day number, as well as the date that lesson was taught. When students need support, be that at home while checking their grades, or at school during Advisory or tutorials, students look to BLEND as the tool that contains the teaching done for that lesson. For myself, not only does this make the process of teaching more streamlined, but I now have a permanent digital blueprint to follow and tweak for lessons into next year. Organization and myself have not always been on friendly terms, but BLEND makes it a snap.


Additionally, I have included a BLEND module for retakes, retests, and tutorials for study at the top of my BLEND page. This is a central location where the students know they can find material to make up a grade they received on a quiz. When students or parents e-mail me and ask me what their student can do to increase their grade in my course, it’s a snap. Students can examine their grades, which are listed by the state standards, and the student can find the assignment to match the standard they need to increase. If they need more support that what is available online, I direct the student to come in to discuss the specific task with me. Absent students have an easy way to make up missed material, and students who need assistance can get it easily 24/7. Tutorials, simplified!




  1. Whoa! I LOVE the idea of having reteach and retake options tied to TEKS and linked in BLEND for both parents and students to see! As a parent, I’d find it super helpful to be able to point my students to those resources.

    1. Thanks! The idea really came from other students who were unable to attend my tutorials, especially athletes. The kids are coming in with so much technological awareness, it just made sense for our classes.

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I love everything about it and truly hope that I can eventually match this! I think that this is so beneficial for older students and would love to find a way to adapt or at least start my fourth graders in this direction!!!

  3. I really love the organization of your modules. You capture the learning taking place in your classroom in a way that is accessible for all of your students. I will be sharing your blog post with other middle school teachers that want to learn how to make BLEND work well in their classrooms.

  4. What a great way to provide tutorials and make-ups on demand for students! We often think about the need to “meeting students where they are” however we also need to be able to be available when our students needs us. Kudos for working on both challenges.

  5. I love how everything is organized right there where the students can easily find what they need! It gives them ownership of their learning. It is my goal to incorporate this in the spring when testing season and individualized reteach comes along. Do you find it that students utilize this well without needing much teacher assistance?

  6. I do something similar! I keep track and assign all homework on BLEND but hadn’t thought about bringing in tutorials. I am going to have to start doing that! I frequently tell students that before they email me they need to check BLEND. Your planning makes morning tutorials a snap. It also allows parents and students to work on their own time in addition to designated tutorials.

  7. I have been struggling with a way to organize my modules. I have tried organizing by unit and by week, but the one thing that always gets in the way is when students are absent and then they want to know what they missed. I love this idea of posting each lesson in a separate module and dating it. This way, students that are absent (and their parents) know exactly what they missed and can even work on it from home! I also love the tutorials idea that I can’t wait to try. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. I have been struggling on how to organize my modules on Blend as well, and this blog has been helpful to me. I teach PreK and my students cannot use it on their own. I’ve been organizing my course with resources to teach my students and I have used it mainly for my own use.
    I love the idea of organizing my Blend course with the idea of “re-teach and tutorials”.
    Thank you for sharing!

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