Empowering Students through voice and choice in a CTE classroom.

Today’s Contributor: Bradley Angermeier

My name is Bradley Angermeier, and I teach Career and Technical Education classes at Covington Middle School.  Prior to teaching CTE classes, I taught Social Studies for 13 years.  At the end of this semester, I will complete the Leadership Pathway for Transformative Technology.

My focus this school year has been to implement student choice in the classroom because in order for students to investigate careers they need to provide a voice with how they learn, what they learn, and how they demonstrate learning.  Student choice had a positive impact as they learned learned technical skills in areas of construction, robotics, game design and web design.  By providing students with choice in their learning they internalized their skills acquired to assist in career choice in the future.  Covington

Student choice was integrated among each Career and technical education class including: Makerspace, Robotics, Video Game Design II, and Web Design.

In Makerspace, students chose a pathway to follow based on a tool set.  They chose what to build, how to design, and what materials to use.  Students demonstrated their learning by completing their project and showing the finished project to me, other students, and their parents.



In Robotics, students chose what they learned by building robots to complete challenges or tasks.  By giving students open-ended challenges, students used their problem solving skills to design, build and code robots to complete a variety of tasks.

In Video Game Design II, students joined groups of four and chose roles to create their own video game.  Students assumed the role of an artist, designer, programmer, or producer to create a capstone project.  In this way, students were able to use skills learned throughout the semester to create a product of their choice.

In Web Design, students progressed through an online course to learn HTML and CSS.  After acquiring coding skills, students created their first web page.  The content of the web page reflected their personal interest and motivated them to create a quality product.

By implementing choice in the classroom, students were able to investigate careers to decide what might be their job in the future.



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  1. I love the idea of having pathways based on the tools that were chosen. What a great idea to get students to use tools in a meaningful way.

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