Reflections from a 1st Year CIC

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I’m Teresa Foxx, 4th grade teacher at Williams Elementary. I am also a first-year CIC, surprisingly enough also at Williams Elementary.


We made it! Well, almost. We still have a handful of faculty meetings to attend, committees to sit in, student cumulative folders to go through and, well, quite a few weeks of teaching left. I suppose I should have started this off with – we haven’t made it yet, but there’s hope. A light shining at the end of the tunnel. Definitely not as catchy.

This year has been a whirlwind of events and I cannot believe the end is upon us. With the end drawing near, I suppose it’s time to set goals for yourself and, I dare-say, if you must, reflect on the previous year. In my own reflection, looking back I am both pleasantly surprised and hopeful for the upcoming school year. The year wasn’t exactly as I pictured or planned for in June after my initial CIC training, but I was able to begin. I think being a first year CIC, my goals and expectations were high and I thought of this year as a fast-paced run. I wanted my campus to be filled with technology and the teachers to be as enthused as I was. Now that the year is about over, I consider it more of a slow-paced marathon. I have time to get where I want to go and I am okay with taking small measured steps.


Being that it is my first year as a CIC – I decided to stay focused on intermediate grade levels. I set goals, wanting all teachers in grades 3, 4, and 5 to access and use their BLEND accounts at least once a month, if not more. I spent a day of training in the fall guiding my team to set up BLEND pages and giving teachers ideas of easy ways to get started. We met again in the spring to revamp BLEND pages, reflect on past experiences, and showcase other technology ideas that teachers might find useful. We also met on a smaller scale throughout the year to help when needed or simply check in and provide some new ideas. I am so happy with the teachers at my campus and their openness in trying new things and having great follow through.


I have accomplished goals and I have ones that need to be revamped and better thought out for next year. To be honest – some goals just need more time, time that is hard to find as a teacher. My eyes have been opened to a world of technology and all that it has to offer a classroom. I am not sure I would have been as aware if I were not in this role as CIC. Next year looks promising, in that I am now more aware of my options. I want to utilize and incorporate technology within my classroom daily. I will be challenging my fellow teachers to step outside of their comfort zone and do the same. Teachers will be able to see and experience the benefit that comes with having a technology equipped classroom and a teacher that utilizes it. Our campus currently has many limitations, as do other campuses, that include not having enough technology for every student to have access, students that don’t have access to technology at home, and the education that pushes our desire to use the technology effectively. I want to change that. I want to mend those bridges and meet the need here at Williams. One baby step at a time.


I have learned so much as a first-year CIC and want to take more baby-steps forward with technology in the classroom. I want to ensure that at Williams Elementary teachers are informed and using technology as appropriate in their classroom, which will vary depending on teacher. My biggest goal is to have a working campus BLEND page for the school ready to start and push through in the fall for teachers and parents. I want teachers to see that using technology and BLEND will save time and not hinder them. I want technology to run through our veins at Williams. I know it will be an uphill climb, but I am ready.


  1. I have so many of the same goals as you Teresa! I am finishing my second year as a CIC and am still struggling with my own practices which makes me nervous to push others in theirs. I am eager for what next year has in store for you!!

  2. You did a great job as a first year CIC, Teresa! It definitely takes some time to get everyone on board to try new technology in their classes.

  3. Great idea to start by using BLEND as a platform for goal setting! Super simple but powerful!

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