Today’s Contributor: Cynthia A. Ayala
Cynthia is a Bilingual Special Education Teacher in year 20 of her teaching career’ She Fiercely believes in teaching social justice through children’s literature – #librariansasadvocates,
runs a literacy-based bilingual makerspace for elementary students with a focus on diverse reads and #ownvoices, and runs a non-profit creative studio with a focus on leveling the playing field for BIPOC, Rainbow community, and Economically Disadvantaged.
When she stops, she also spends time with her two daughters, a warrior life-partner, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 tarantula, and a few estranged chickens.

I’ve learned a new word this month while attending the Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Roundtable..shock-tober. 

I think we will all agree that it is precisely where we all find ourselves, right?  SLO’s, report cards/ progress reports, parent-teacher conferences, oh my! However, I must say that BLEND and blended learning has actually been my saving grace!  My student’s learning needs have not slipped through the cracks of shock-tober. I’ve been able to provide my students with audio texts, videos for background, flipped pre-view lessons in math, games to support retention and recall in math, and even practice for home for reading fluency, language acquisition, and basic math skills.

My challenges?

I must confess I’ve not been as available as I’d like to be to teachers and parents in regards to getting them comfortable with the portal’s resources and Blend.  Though I’ve was able to hold an informational session to parents to do just that, I don’t think I’m being as impactful as I’d like. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to my amazing Technology Design Coach, Lana Stone, my teachers were able to get a home page up and running which seems to have had an effect on their own ideas of blend and blended learning.  This was evident during a follow-up conference that Lana made available to all our teachers this week during their planning time. This allowed them a safe place to explore the possibilities of blended learning via BLEND.

Our goal…

Once again, Lana will support our campus by joining our STEM night.  Together we hope to bring our parents into the 21st-century classroom by giving them knowledge they need to join their students in blended learning. 

Additionally, we’ll continue to support our teachers with further exploration of Blend.  Wish us luck and hold on tight…shock-tober is almost over!  We then get to take a moment to give thanks.

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