Problem Solving with NovoScreennote

Today’s Contributor: Tracy Machu
Tracy is in her 15th year teaching 1st-5th grade Special Ed Resource/Inclusion at St. Elmo Elementary. She was born in Austin and raised in a small town just outside the city. Follow her on Twitter @TracyMachu

As a special education teacher, I am usually one of the last people on campus to get anything new in the way of technology. I’ve never had an innovation station or projection device (other than an old overhead projector) in my classroom. So I was thrilled to receive one of the new EduDisplay presentation systems last spring! One of my favorite parts of this new technology is the NovoScreennote feature!

I have found this aspect to be especially useful for teaching problem solving strategies in math along with my touchscreen laptop. I can cast a word problem on the screen while having our UPSCheck graphic organizer on my white board easel next to it. The students can follow along with a copy of the problem and graphic organizer at their desk. The Screennote feature lets me model working the problem directly on my computer screen.

We also played Jeopardy as a review before the MOY test, and I used the Screennote feature to allow students to show their work on the screen before revealing the answer or clear up misconceptions when several students seemed to be having issues with a concept. I like that it allows me to choose different colors to highlight different parts of an equation or key steps such as bringing up the decimal in a division problem. Screennote even has a whiteboard feature if I need to use the whole screen! I highly recommend checking out this feature if you have the option.

*Note: NovoScreennote is found under Tools in the Novo Desktop Streamer app.
If the box is greyed out (mine was at first), you may need to download the software before you can use it.
On Windows: Microsoft System Center > Software Center
On Mac: Self Service app

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  1. These are excellent innovative examples of how to use the new hardware and software we have in our school district! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your work with us!

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