Interactive Notebook Showdown


In our new world of roomers and zoomers, we are all just trying to survive. What does survival look like to you? Is it nearpod, google classroom (ssshhh… I won’t tell anyone), BLEND, Playposit or a good old fashion lecture? Between home life & work, we try to find a balance, a place where we are satisfied and not run down. With all the new digital things being launched at teachers, I decided to pick one, just one to work towards. In this new digital world, I attempted a digital interactive notebook. I was inspired by another teacher, Melissa Prepster, when I attended her tips and tricks session over the summer training. If anyone needs to be bottled up & duplicated, it is that lady! Amazing ideas and ways to engage digitally were just thrown around, like no big deal. I just attempted one. That is all I could handle at the moment. 

Pros to online notebook-

  1. All students were online at the time, online organized notebook makes sense
  2. No copies to be made
  3. No gluing into, losing paper, leaving notebook at home
  4. A live student copy for me/TA/parent to peak at whenever I needed

Cons, so far, to the online notebook-

  1. Takes a bit of time to set up and distribute pages (40 min for the weeks material)
  2. Takes some time for students to organize their google drive
  3. Creating a new notebook each grading period (cuts down lag time when students open notebook)
  4. I think I have forgotten how to write with a pen and paper

I now create a new notebook (googleslide) for each student, each grading period, and cut and paste slides from my “Master” notebook. I beg/borrowed/stole the idea for push slides, from Alice Keeler, I create a new notebook for each student through that code, then “ctrl +” which opens multiple tabs at one time and add in the notes that I need the student to complete for that day. As I move forward with this concept, I’m excited to see where I can do with it! I actually presented this topic at the BLEND Summit Remix. Below is a link to my presentation and my 5th six weeks notebook to peak at. Enjoy and stay sane! 

My REMIX BLEND googleslide

My 5th six weeks science notebook

About me: 

7th Science, CIC & Cheer, @mrsmoccia via twitter, During COVID, I got a hobby- ChIcKeNs. I enjoy them way too much and we have conversations. We built cluckingham palace and started with 13 ladies. I’m down to 9.

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