Thinking Back…


Hello, I am Alexandra Tarpley, and I am the Bilingual Special Education teacher for 1st-5th grade and the CIC at Oak Hill Elementary.  This last year has been an amazing year of growth for my campus.  As teachers we have shown to be a team of learners. Although BLEND has been around AISD for awhile, we are proud to say that at least half of our staff are now proficient users of this platform and the other half are intermediate learners of this platform. 

Our teachers have also learned to use numerous other digital programs all while concurrently teaching in personal and remote learners.  Our teaching staff had to really do a flip flop of their mindset in regards to technology and have done an excellent job in what they have accomplished. Here are some highlights of what our in person learners were doing in the classroom related to technology and collaboration. From students doing collaborative writing activities in breakout rooms, coding robots, interviewing authors remotely and having learning cafe’s with their remote peers. Teachers really tried hard to find ways to make learning engaging for both sets of learners.

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