Encouraging Self-Reflection with Digital Exit Tickets

Tracy Machu is a CIC and Special Education Resource/Inclusion teacher at St. Elmo Elementary. This is her 16th year in AISD. You can follow her @TracyMachu on Twitter or @ms.machu on Instagram.

Like many teachers, I try to gauge my students’ understanding throughout my lessons in many ways. I’ve used the “thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs sideways if you kinda get it” method. I’ve tried sticky note exit tickets. Last year, I made cute smiley face exit tickets that students had to place in my “exit ticket drop box” as they left the room. This seemed to really get my students thinking, but I felt like it wasted a lot of paper, and was a struggle for my students who struggle with writing and spelling.

Enter this school year and my newest idea- Google Forms! I created a form where I added the same questions from my paper exit tickets and spiced it up with some Bitmojis just for fun. With the Google Form exit ticket, my students who are still in the early stages of writing and/or spelling can use the speech to text feature on the ipad to dictate their responses. I added a shortcut to the form on my 3 class ipads, and I also created a QR code for it that I have posted at the front of the room for students to scan if they want to use their own devices.

My favorite thing about using the Google Form for my exit ticket is how easy it is to view and sort my students’ responses by creating a spreadsheet from the form. (To create a spreadsheet that automatically populates from a Google Form, go to the Responses tab and click the Google Sheets icon.)

I added a column to the end of mine so I could go in and put what concept we were covering that day to remind myself later. I also added a rule to automatically color-code the sheet based on students’ responses, so I could easily see at a glance who needed more practice.

I now set aside five minutes at the end of each lesson to have students reflect on their learning and complete their digital exit ticket. Having students reflect on their learning this way has helped reinforce the concepts we cover each day and let me see when we’re ready to move on or if students need a reteach. It also supports students in building a growth mindset and sense of ownership for their learning.

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  1. This is pretty epic! Are there instructions for teachers like myself who would also love to try this?

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