ClassDojo and Positive Class Culture

Kevin Baker is an 8th Grade US history teacher at Webb MS and has been teaching 12 years.

What is Classdojo?

Looking for a fun, effective and efficient way to support POSITIVE BEHAVIOR INTERVENTION SYSTEMS or PBIS in your classroom? Look no further than Classdojo, your one stop for managing behavior and incentivising students to act positively in your classroom. Classdojo is a free resource that allows you to create positive class culture, give students a voice, share with parents and much more.

How do you create a class?

            It is easy to get started and import and create your classroom in Classdojo. Follow the steps listed  below to get started today!

  1. Create a free online account at ClassDojo
  2. Once you can access the homepage of your account click the button to create a class.

3. Next name the class and pick a grade level.

4. Once you have created a class, start adding students you may find if a teacher at your school has used ClassDojo that some students may auto-populate when you enter their names. If not you will have to enter the names of the students one by one.
a. An easy way to get around adding students one by one is by sharing the class code with students and having them subscribe to your class.
i. To do this click on the settings button at the top right corner of the class you created

ii. Then click connect students>Classroom login and a code will be displayed that will allow your students to subscribe themselves to your unique class.

5. Once you have created your class and imported your students you can use ClassDojo to accomplish many classroom management tasks as shown below.

Classdojo There is an app for that!

ClassDojo also has a handy app for both android and IOS that allows you to access the tools anywhere in the classroom. This allows for you to be away from your computer and randomize, award, or set a timer anywhere in your room. I use the app almost every day because it allows me to teach in the power zone while I move around the room and reward students for on task behavior.

My own experience

In my classroom I focus on using ClassDojo as a form of positive reinforcement by rewarding kids who participate, follow directions, work hard in class, or any type of positive behavior that I wish to reinforce in my classroom. When you reward a student with a point there are multiple and even custom feedback you can give. A sound also goes off when you reward a point. This is rewarding to students who received the point but also serves as a reminder for students to stay on task and exhibit positive behavior. Both my co-teacher and I use ClassDojo. Sometimes we can hear each other giving classpoints and a competition breaks out between classes. I routinely Set benchmarks throughout the semester to reward students who receive the most points and at the end of the grading period. I reward the class that has the most points as well to create a friendly competition between classes. I usually get feedback from the students to find out what types of rewards they like to receive. All of this helps to create a positive classroom environment and encourages and rewards positive behavior.

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