Falling In Love With Technology

Today’s Contributor: My name is Rosie L. Esparza and I am a fourth grade bilingual teacher at McBee Elementary. I have been  in education for 6 years and am currently working on my principal certification. In my free time, I love to be outside soaking up the sun, reading books and drinking lots and lots of coffee!

In our classroom this year we have explored different technology resources from MackinVia. Our favorite is PebbleGO.

PebbleGO is a platform where students can pick from different categories and then research some information over the category. For science class, we were studying pollinators, more specifically bees. Using PebbleGO students selected animals and were able to read, listen and watch a video about bees. I like this platform because not only is it user friendly but it is english-learner friendly! Some of my students have recently moved to the US and can still navigate and use their peers to be effective learners on PebbleGo. PebbleGO offers videos, visuals and listening options for the category students wish to learn about.

Another resource we discovered and started using was ST Math. ST Math serves as one of our math enrichment resources. I learned about ST Math through a district email and let my campus know about it. The great thing about ST Math is there are no questions and it is all driven by the students prior knowledge. The puzzles presented to students require math skills from all ages. Students begin with simple concepts and as they continue the puzzles get tougher. Students are required to activate their prior knowledge and use their critical thinking skills to solve puzzles. ST Math also provides teachers with guiding questions to help students when they are having difficulty with a level.

Like other resources from the district, teachers can use reports by ST Math to see what standards students are struggling with depending on how long it takes them to complete certain levels within the game. 

Exploring the resources available through MackinVIA can open up many new learning opportunities.

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