Showcasing Collections, Culture, and Community via Canva

Today’s Contributor: Cynthia A. Ayala is a Bilingual Teacher Librarian/CIC at Garcia YMLA

Yep. I’m one of those teachers. …the one who always loved doing bulletin boards.

Alliterations? Check.
Puns? Obviously.
Thematic units on display? Whenever possible.

Did I lose y’all already?
Stay with me.

…because i’ve transferred
all that bulletin board busy-ness
to CANVA e-displays
and emails!

Samples below:

Curated booklists & resources for PRIDE week (and all year long) just a click away!

Culture: local actitivites, curated booklists, videos, music, & podcasts!

What we’re doing in the library look-see.

so if you have any interest at all in creating in CANVA, feel free to get started!

… educators get all the bells and whistles FOR FREE!

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